Gettin’ Lucky

On a cold December night, a single star shone bright in an otherwise black sky; a beacon of hope calling out to all. “Come,” whispered the star, pulsating brilliantly. “Come witness the miracle.” And so it illuminated the way to Bethlehem…. Bethlehem, CT and then onto the I-84S ramp to Danbury and then to my door step. I hope you brought gifts. Today we celebrate a Christmas miracle! I am officially a two time lottery winner.

That’s right, I applied via the lottery and gained entry into both the NYC half and the Chicago Marathon on my first try. It’s an immaculate acceptance. I have been chosen for great things. And for visa charges.

In light of my hot hand, I am going to push the limits this week and see if the dice keep rolling in my favor. Here’s the plan:

  • Drink too much wine for a week night and set my alarm for a 4am workout with the full intention of getting up… at least twice. 
  • Channel my inner Martha & arstyfart my way through a DIY project involving paint and glass. 
  • Finally accept that free cruise someone keeps calling me and offering. 
  • Throw caution to the wind and eat one more gummy vitamin than the recommended dose. (Those things are delicious!)
  • Send some Christmas gifts cross country via USPS. …I have chills from the danger…
  • Go to Valvoline on a Saturday afternoon. 
  • Shop for new running gear online and hope I find really amazing deals or not. Either way I guess. 

Who else got lucky this week?

… on second thought…

please, don’t answer that. 


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