The Golden Rule – inspired by #SuperDouche

Running is hard. Yes, it’s physically hard and it’s difficult to find the time, but even more so it’s mentally hard. It takes courage to face the road every day. It take courage to put yourself out there… to envision a better, stronger you and to challenge yourself to new heights. I applaud anyone who runs for this very reason. That’s why we all support each other in this crazy sport of ours.

Writing is also hard… Creating is hard…. Finding your voice is hard… And having the guts to open yourself up to public scrutiny in any way, shape or form is incredibly admirable because it is SO  HARD.

How dare any of us try to stifle creativity or push people back into their quiet boxes. We should inspire and collaborate and promote positive self-images and cheer each other on and celebrate personal/professional/team victories and laugh…

I write this today, in the hopes that even one person will read this and give someone a high five or words of encouragement. Let’s create waves of positive energy.


I received this comment today and was obviously hurt and thought about giving up writing this blog for about 2 seconds… But then, that’s what this person wants. And so instead, I’ll just pour it on and hope that they can find a sense of humor or love or whatever it is they are lacking in life.

Not your average Run – “After reading about your self proclaimed “smokin hot bod,” I was finished reading your blog. I vowed I’d never read it again. Yet here I am, reading your last 5 posts and wondering when anyone started calling you Stack? They don’t. And if they don’t it’s because you have begged them to in order to become someone you’re not. Your posts aren’t funny. They aren’t witty. They aren’t full of any advice worth taking. If anyone should take the advice you spit out, it should be you. Nobody wants to read these long, horribly written, trying to be witty, posts about your running escapades. Not runners, not wanna be runners, probably, not even your mother. Just be yourself Jen. You’re trying WAY too hard.”

Runcorked – “I’m not sure why you felt the need to write this….? If you’re offended by my posts, just be an adult and don’t read them. If you’re truly trying to provide constructive criticism, then save it because you’re so far off base on everything you just said I can only laugh. I’m impressed with myself though for having inspired someone to read my blog and get so worked up over the contents.
I am a silly person and you should know that “smoking hot bod” is meant to be read jokingly. I definitely don’t think that about myself… Perhaps you are incapable of interpreting the subtle nuisances of sarcasm? And “Stack” is in fact, my last name. So people do call me that. But it’s okay… you didn’t know. You know what they say about assuming, right? I suppose I could write how and what you want me to, but I don’t write these blogs for you. I write them for me. I write them for fun and out of the spirit of love for my sport (I say my because I refuse to share it with someone so close-minded and hurtful. The running community is full of supportive, wonderful people and you are not one of them) and wine. Criticize me as you will. It’s the risk you take when you put yourself out there. Maybe you should write your own blog? You’d probably be very impressed by your own work and can spend more time patting yourself on your back and less time trying to breaks others down to build yourself up.

Thanks for providing the content for my next blog post. 🙂



4 thoughts on “The Golden Rule – inspired by #SuperDouche

  1. Perfectly put, stack! I for one look forward to every single one of your blog posts. I hate running myself and read them to find the motivation and inspiration to make the sport fun. Too many people are just mad at their dads. Keep doing you. That last bs post deserves a big “don’t hate me cause you ain’t me” slap in the face.



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