Hey, Big $pendah

What surprised me when I took up running about a year ago was just how much $$$ started sneaking out of my bank account each month like a teenage girl out of her bedroom window (silently and frequently involving alcohol – because wine and shopping are a dangerous combo). Running is not a cheap sport. Sure, you may start off with just a ratty pair of kicks, a sports bra, a helmet and a dream. But once you’re hooked, you’ll find you want… no NEED… race entry fees, shoes, gear, fuel, a fancy watch, physical therapy, cross training, memberships, literature, and travel. And then, like wine, the more things you try and the greater your collection grows, the more appreciation you have for quality (enter Oiselle, LuLu Lemon and all the other drool-worthy running apparel). Soon, keeping your budget in check is like trying to keep 10 cats in a cardboard box without Benadryl, rubber gloves, duct tape and a team of tennis champions.

In my opinion, there is no shame in heavy spending on sports. The mental and physical benefits are well worth the costs associated, there are much worse things to spend money on and you should reward yourself for putting in the hard work everyday. However, if you’re like me, there are other considerations that (gasp!) limit spending in this department. This chafes me worse than forgotten body glide on a long run. Which is why I’ve decided to learn more about $$$ this year and how to make it work for me, so that I can achieve gazillionaire status, retire at 35, get invited to Oprah’s house for dinner and become my own athletic apparel sponsor. I’ll take one of everything in your new spring line, please and thank you.

With my new found desire to learn, I picked up this little book called “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” at the suggestion of my brother. So far it’s great, though I’m only a chapter in. But one piece of advice that really struck a chord was “It’s much easier to change yourself, than anyone else.” While this had me pondering what I could change in my own thoughts and actions to free myself from the shackles of limited dolla dolla bills & the 9-5 grind, it also spurned me to reflect on my recent #destroycreate self overhaul that closed the “gymnaStack” chapter of my life in place of this new one as a “runner.” If I hadn’t gone outside of my comfort zone and given myself the opportunity to succeed… If I hadn’t made the decision to face change head on and without fear… I would still be lost in identity limbo and completely static.

To bring this full circle…

Since taking up running, I have become obsessed with the sport and everything about it, but what I’ve really become flat out addicted to is the personal growth I have experienced as a result. Something about my first year of experience running has made me want to be better at literally everything. Positive change in one aspect of my life has spread like wildfire to many other areas. I read more, I write more, I study, innovate and create. And I want to inspire other to do the same. Yes, I want to learn more about money. But what I already know is that where I am at right now is worth every ounce of work I put in and every penny I spent along the way.

Now go buy yourself something pretty,



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